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Vocational Excellence Award, The Rotary Club of Madras conferred the Vocational Excellence Award to Mr. M. Mahadevan of Hot Breads bakery & confectionary.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009 'Slice of freedom'

OFFBEAT They may be inmates of the Puzhal jail but their spirit of freedom is evident as they bake bread under the guidance of chefs from a leading city bakery, says SHONALI MUTHALALY

The road to jail is long and winding. And, I don't meanin a metaphorical sense. Puzhal jail is in Red Hills, a good 45 minutes from the heart of the city. From outside, it looks appropriately forbidding, with high gates, armed guards and soarings entry towers. Inside, there are pink flowers, cheerful "Welcome" signs and prisoners, in white shorts, shirts and sneakers, nodding hello. Sprawling Puzhal jail, holds about 500 "lifers", who are prisoners condemned to li

The Hindu, Chennai

‘Freedom’ from hunger launched in prison. On Monday, the first loaf of ‘Freedom’ was produced in the Puzhal Central prison.

That’s the name that entrepreneur Mahadevan and the State prison boss, R.Natraj, the brains behind transforming prison into industry, chose for the bread made at the facility. “This is one job that will give you a lot of satisfaction even as you serve your sentence,” remarked Chief Secretary K. S. Sripathi, who travelled to Puzhal early on Monday to inaugurate the facility, despite arriving in the city late on Sunday. “This is not merely a job,” he said... Director General of Prisons R. Nataraj handing over the ‘Freedom’ logo to actor Revati..

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Ambition made him an entrepreneur
For Mahadevan of Hot Breads, the key is to “do your homework right”

WORDS OF A WINNER: M. Mahadevan, at a ‘Meet success firsthand’ function organised by Indo-American Chamber of Commerce on Saturday. Hiren Shah (left), chairman, IACC (Tamil Nadu) is in the picture.

CHENNAI: This entrepreneur quit his job as lecturer decades ago knowing he had a different calling. M. Mahadevan, director of Oriental Cuisines, says ambition made him an entrepreneur. Speaking at the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) ‘Meet success first hand’ series, the 53-year-old entrepreneur said: “My mother blessed me and sent me with Rs.400 to Chennai in 1980. The investment of Rs.60,000 with just 4 workers has grown to Rs.120 crore with more than 3,000 people.”

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More on his menu

He started his first bakery, Hot Breads, in 1989. Today, M. Mahadevan runs a multi-million dollar enterprise that spans the globe, says SHONALI MUTHALALY “When I did my first bakery (Hot Breads) in March 1989, in Chennai, I ensured that it would be easy to reproduce. I look for scalable pro-jects,”

"People will come thrice for décor. But they’ll come back repeatedly for service and food."

M. Mahadevan